Welcome to Kidlington Forum Table Tennis Club, a premier club with purpose-built facilities, situated 5 miles north of Oxford. All are welcome to come along to one of our open practice sessions.



A reminder:

It is important that when you have a home league match a keyholder of your team is there by 7 o'clock to open up and set up the table and surrounds.

It is also important that you do not leave the premises without ensuring another key holder is taking responsibility for closing.

If a match is likely to finish late then please use a second table when one becomes available.

- Karl Bushell


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April 2019 Handicap Shield Final

The final of the Aubrey Hughes Handicap Shield takes place at the Gladiator Club, on Thursday, 11th April 2018 (7.15pm start).

There is guaranteed to be a Forum team in the final!

Jan/Feb 2019 Handicap Shield

The Aubrey Hughes Handicap Shield continues into the second round: well done to Forum teams A, B, C, D & I for getting through the group stages.

For more info, please see the AHHS 2019 page on the ODTTA website.


January 26th 2019 National Junior League

Lilli Foreman
Lilli Foreman won both her singles matches against Hillingdon B.

Four teams of Kidlington juniors played in the next round of the National Junior League (South), at Cippenham, despite several players being unavailable due to illness:

  • Kiarash Shaddel, Jamie McNeil and Robbie Greenfield formed the A team, finishing up in 2nd place in the Division 1 table.
  • Ethan Morgan, Jack Smith and Cooper Whitford formed the B team, getting relegated from Division 1 to Division 2.
  • Scott Campbell, Ben Hague, Adam Jenner formed the C team, finishing up at 2nd place in Division 3.
  • The D team consisted of Lilli Foreman and Tom Williams; they will be relegated from Division 3 and may find it more comfy in Division 4 next time.

[Full report and photos]

January 13th 2019 National Cadet League

Toby Dow
Toby Dow in action

Two teams of Kidlington juniors took part in the next round of the National Cadet League (South), at Cippenham, with mixed results but some fine matches.

[Full report and photos]

December 2nd 2018 National Cadet League

NCL team
The B Team. Left to right: Morris Wong, Hugh Mortimer, Zain Ali and Hari Selvaraj

Several Kidlington juniors competed in Oxford's two cadet teams that took part in the National Cadet League competition, held on Sunday 2nd December. The A team faced tough opposition in Division 1, and the B team were delighted to win promotion from Division 3.

[More details]

December 1st 2018 County Junior Championships

The County Juniors Team
Some of the Oxfordshire Juniors team. Left to right: Pelin Karabulut, Todd Stanmore & Kiarash Shaddel

The Oxfordshire team for the County Junior Championships faced some more matches on Saturday 1st December, winning 1, drawing 1, and losing 2. Todd and Pelin played particularly well.

[More details]

November 25th 2018 Oxfordshire Top Players Competition

Several Kidlington players, including Lewis Waddup and Kiarash Shaddel, took part in the Oxfordshire Top Players Competition on Saturday 25th November. The winner was Pierre-Olivier Colard.

[More details]

November 24th 2018 National Junior League

Bertie Anstis
Bertie Anstis captained the B team

The second round of the National Junior League (South), at Cippenham, featured four Kidlington junior teams, and some support from some very helpful senior players!

Kiarash Shaddel did particularly well in the A team, winning 8 out of 9 singles matches. The A team managed to achieve 2nd place in Division 1.

The B side (Bertie Anstis, Ethan Morgan and Jamie McNeil) managed to get promotion to Division 1; the C team finished 2nd in Division 3, and the D team managed to stay in Division 3.

[Full report and photos]

November 17th 2018 Lillington Graded

Vicky Coll and Pelin Karabulut
Vicky Coll beat Pelin Karabulut in the Grade C final

Several Kidlington players, including Farshad Shaddel, Kiarash Shaddel, Toby Dow, Morris Wong, Vicky Coll, Christelle Rajapaksa and Pelin Karabulut, took part in the Lillington Graded tournament on Saturday 17th November.

In the age-groups, Pelin Karabulut came 3rd, Morris Wong and Kiarash Shaddel won their respective consolation events, and in the afternoon, Farshad Shaddel won the Grade B event, and Vicky Coll beat Pelin Karabulut in the final of the Grade C.

November 4th 2018 National Cadet League (South)

Zain Ali
Zain Ali, executing a forehand push

Several Kidlington juniors took part in Oxford's two cadet teams that took part in the National Cadet League competition, held at Cippenham on Sunday 4th November. Pelin Karabulut, Bertie Anstis, and Morris Wong all took part, and were facing tough opposition.
[More details]

November 3rd 2018 County Junior Championships

The County Juniors Team
The Oxfordshire Juniors team. Left to right: Vicky Coll, Pelin Karabulut, Todd Stanmore, Ollie Keen & Kiarash Shaddel

Several Kidlington Juniors took part in the Junior County Championships on Saturday 3rd November, at New Malden. All five players did well, despite some fierce opposition, and they won 2 out of 3 matches.
[More details]

October 27th 2018 West Midland Two Star

Kiarash with his trophy
Kiarash Shaddel with his trophy

Vicky Coll, Kiarash Shaddel and Todd Stanmore travelled to Wood Green for the West Midlands Two Star tournament. Kiarash managed to win the consolation event from a field of 16 players.
[Full report]

October 14th 2018 Burton Uxbridge Two-Star

Prize presentation
The top three in U21 girls: Christelle Rajapaksa with her trophy (centre), Vicky Coll (right)

Two Kidlington players, Christelle Rajapaksa and Vicky Coll, took part in the Burton Two-Star, with Christelle winning the U21 competition.

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