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Forum League Secretaries

The Forum League Secretaries (FLS) deal with postponements and player substitutions, and their contact details can be found on the contacts page. They operate as follows:


To obtain a substitute player, captains should contact the FLS for their division. That FLS should contact the FLS of the division below (except for the bottom division) to ask them to secure a sub from their division to play up. When he has done so he should inform the team captain and FLS of the division above who is subbing.


To postpone a match, captains should contact the FLS of their division to request a postponement and should give a reason why.

The FLS should contact the captain of the opposing team to ask for a postponement and, if they are agreeable, should contact the League Match Secretary, Tony Wheeler, to request a postponement.

The FLS should notify the captain of the decision. If the match is postponed and is a home match the captain and FLS should liaise with Aubrey Hughes about offering new dates for the match.