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Please ensure that a member of your team attending a home match brings the team keys. That would normally be the captain, but can be another member, as long as they know how to open and close. You cannot rely on a member of another team waiting for your team to finish before asking them to lock up; they get justifiably peeved.

You may be the only team playing on a night, so you need to get in. Karl or I won't be pleased if you phone on the night to say you can't get in because you have no keys. That has happened; let's make sure it doesn't happen again.

The last team to finish on a night is responsible for making sure the Hall is cleared and locked up.


There are a number of matches recently that have finished much later than 10.30pm. This is the time we have agreed with the Parish Council, our landlords, that we would finish and vacate the premises in order not to annoy our neighbours. In addition:

  • We have many juniors playing and they should be finished as early as possible as the following day is a school day and they need their sleep.
  • Someone has to lock up and they do not appreciate having to hang around whilst teams finish their matches late.
Whilst matches can be delayed by lots of 5-setters, there are things that can be done to speed things up. Therefore, please would captains ensure the following:
  • All players should be present by 7.15pm, if at all possible, and captains should be present by 7pm to help set up.
  • Prematch knock-ups should be limited. Umpires should be in place asap so that knock-ups between games can be kept to one minute.
  • Matches should start as soon as possible after 7.15pm as soon as one member of the opposition is present.
  • Finally, if an adjacent match has ended but yours is delayed you should play on two tables in order to finish in good time.


All captains of Three-A-Side teams have a set of club keys so that he/she can open and close, if their team is last to finish playing. Captains not playing on a home night should ensure that another team member has the keys and knows how to open and close.

Please help in setting up your playing space; table, net, scoring table, chairs and dividers. There are match nets in the box marked as such in the store. These are new and are specifically for use in matches so please replace them in that box after matches. They should not be used for open sessions or coaching.

Don't forget to put all this equipment away at the end of the match, as quietly as you to not disturb unfinished matches.

There is a broom in the Club's store which you can use to keep the floor around the table clear of debris. Please replace it in the store after use.

Spare Tables

Teams playing on Mon/Wed match nights can knock-up and play matches on a spare table, if there is one, especially if it helps the matches end in good time.

However, players not involved in the matches should not practise on spare tables. (This practice was reviewed, and the committee thought that the practicing had been disruptive for the matches.)


Refreshments should always be offered, and should not delay play.

If you want to brew up for the players in your match, there are facilities in the Kitchen. The Club has equipment in the first cupboard on the right. There is a fridge as well. However, you need to bring your own tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits.

Please note that there is a no-alcohol policy for all matches at the Pavilion.

Please remember that there are other teams playing so keep inter-game chat to reasonable noise levels.

League Information

Score Cards

You will need a scoresheet, which is downloadable from the Oxford TT Leagues website here, alternatively, click on "Information" (top right) then under the "Downloadable Content" heading in the menu at the top, select the "Results Cards for 3AS & 2AS".

Home captains are responsible for bringing the scorecard to the match and for ensuring the results are submitted to the Oxford TT Leagues website.


Hopefully, none of you will need to postpone matches, but in the unlikely case where you do, be aware of the League rules. You need to ask the opposing captain if they are willing to do so, and explain why you are making the request. The captain can refuse your request and claim the points, or you can, indeed, play the game. If YOU are requested to postpone, the same rules apply in reverse.

The League allows the minimum of one team member and one substitute to comprise a team so if that is all you have, play the game.

If you have postponed a match, you must also let the home captain(s) playing on that same night know you won't be there; as a courtesy. That team may then be able to put up an extra table in order to finish their match earlier. You will be able to know the teams playing on the same night by checking the club diary.

If the postponement is for a match at the Forum pavilion, whoever caused it, you need to rearrange the fixture as soon as possible by contacting the other team captain and offering two new dates. You can find suitable dates from the Kidlington Forum club diary. However, before you do that, ask John Duncalfe if the dates are still available to ensure that the slot is not double booked. If the postponement is for an away match wait for the opposing captain to contact you.


To obtain a substitute player, captains should consult the contact information sent by the Club Secretary, and contact any member of a team in the division below that they play in and ask them to play. If they agree, let the Club Secretary know. Two-A-Side teams can choose subs from the same division. Don't ask any player to sub for you more than twice in a season.

Don't forget that you are allowed only one sub per match, and check the league rules for substitutions.