playing table-tennis at club night

Table Tennis Practice Sessions

Kidlington Forum Table Tennis Club is open for practice sessions for club members only at the Exeter Close Pavilion. We have lifted covid restrictions for practice sessions, but are retaining the booking system to avoid overcrowding, and you should follow instructions from session supervisors to avoid congestion.

Members may book up to a fortnight in advance, and a maximum of 15 players are permitted for each session, in addition to the duty supervisor. Sessions are as follows:

We are using a booking system called Jezzam, which is provided by a local Oxford-based company. Please see below for details of how to book.

We will continue to start Thursday and Friday sessions at 7:15pm, with a maximum of 15 members plus the Duty Supervisor permitted to play. At 8:30pm the first session will end, and tables will be cleaned prior to the second session 8.30pm - 9.50pm.

Sundays: similar system of two sessions, first session at 10:15am - 11:30am.

While covid-secure restrictions have been lifted, please do continue to be sensible: don't play if you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms, and adhere to any further safety guidelines as indicated by the duty supervisor.

Lastly, enjoy the table tennis!

Making a Booking
screenshot of Jezzam

First of all, you will need the booking password, which has been emailed to all club members. Do not give the password to anyone else, as the booking password is used to help restrict practice sessions to club members.

Then, simply go to the Jezzam page for Kidlington Forum (logging in is not necessary) and choose which session you want to book for, enter the booking password and click the "Book Now" button.

You'll be asked for your name and email address, and this will be used to send you confirmation of your booking. If you find that you can't attend a session, then please cancel your booking: you can find a link to cancel your booking in your confirmation email.

If you are booking for a family member or friend as well you will need to book them in too, with their names, and they must be Club members too.

Although you don't need to log in to the Jezzam site to make a booking, if you want to find out which bookings you have made, then you can set yourself up with a Jezzam membership, use that when you make bookings, and then you have the option to view your active bookings.

Hopefully you should find the way to book straightforward, but if not, do ask the website maintainer, Sharon Curtis (