playing table-tennis at club night

Table Tennis Practice Sessions

Kidlington Forum Table Tennis Club is open for practice sessions for club members only at the Exeter Close Pavilion. Please note that the booking arrangements changed on 18th July 2021, and we continue to follow COVID-secure guidelines for practice sessions.

Members may book up to a fortnight in advance, and a maximum of 14 players are permitted for each session, in addition to the duty supervisor. Sessions are as follows:

To ensure we are not too crowded, booking takes place through the Clubspark system. Book a slot by clicking on one of the 30-minute slots and filling in your contact details. Do not select more than half-an-hour, unless you are also booking for an additional player (e.g. a family member).

PLEASE NOTE that the timing of your slot does not matter: your booking entitles you to attend for the whole session, and you can arrive and leave whenever suits. For quick links for booking your slot, please see the diary page.

If you find later on that you can't turn up to your session, then please either cancel your booking (click on the slot you have booked and it should give you this option), or if for some reason you have a technical problem, please let the duty supervisor know.

Detailed instructions are below, if that helps! If you have any problems booking, please contact Sharon Curtis ( for assistance.

When booking for a practice session, please bear in mind the following safety measures:

Lastly, enjoy the table tennis!

Making a Booking

You will need to go to the Clubspark booking page for Kidlington Forum.

Log in, to view the page. Clubspark allows you to log in using your Table Tennis England membership or a Clubspark login, but best to use your TTE membership details to log in otherwise the Clubspark system may not recognise you properly. To do this, you need to be up-to-date on both your Kidlington Forum membership and your TTE membership!

The arrows and calendar feature at the top right should let you select which date you want to book for (see the red ellipse below).

screenshot of bookings header

There are 14 places available at each session (including the duty supervisor). Click on one of the free slots to book (any slot will do, they all give you access for the full session).

You then have the option to be sent a confirmation email once you've booked. If you return to the booking page for the right date, you should be be able to see your booking there.

If you have any problems booking, please contact Sharon Curtis ( for assistance.

Cancelling a Booking

If for some reason you need to cancel your booking, you should be able to do this yourself: go to the booking page for the right date, click on your booking, and it should give you an option to cancel your booking.